Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Day one (of many, many long agonizingly painful days....just kidding)

9:00 AM start today. It's safe to say that buying that Azera coffee on special offer was the best decision I've made so far whilst being here in Bournemouth (no seriously it was £3 and it is the best instant coffee).

Three lectures so far this morning. Got to meet Liam (who is crazily great...crazily isn't even a word? Oh well) and had a bit of an insight into our course structure. I'm looking forward to starting the theory which is very surprising (not as exciting as starting the ideas/design section though, I want to make things!)

I also had a sneaky peek at our next semester theory essay and it looks as if it's about computer games. It better be about computer games.

I'm currently working on my mind map. I've decided to do it all digital because I miss my tablet and haven't drawn anything with it for ages (graphics tablet that is, not the touch screen kind).

Still have one lecture today, or rather an induction that we missed yesterday. Hopefully that all goes well.

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